I started studying with Charlie in 1991, when I was living in Newburyport, Massachusetts--I was on his waiting list for about a year and a half, when the call from his secretary came that there was an opening on Tuesday at 8/30am--It took all of 15 seconds to say yes!!!!!; so I would make the trip down to his studio in Beverly--It had the weight of meeting a guru, but a funny one---I used to call Charlie the missing Marx brother as he was really funny and at times just goofy, but in a very real way---He used to kid me about the fact that I recopied his lessons with a fountain pen(mr mont blanc!!!) There was no pretense about him--and when it came to music, there was absolutely NO MESSING AROUND--you had to work or you could not study with him---No exceptions---He could play everything literally from Bud Powell on up, but I think Bill Evans was his favorite, if there was such a thing---And he had a way of giving you exactly what you needed to work on at that time in your development---Uncanny, very intuitive---I've kept all of his lessons and studied with him from 1991-5, then took a break beacause it was a really busy time with a lot of gigs---But if a student cancelled and there was an opening, he'd have me come in----When I left Boston, I did not get to see him often, hardly at all---I would return for a weekend to 'get away' but it was really an excuse to see if he could fit me in; and it was the same as on the first day I started with him--He was always positive, encouraging, an incredible player, funny, warm and genuine to the core---Charlie was the kind of person no one could buy, one of a kind--- When I learned that he was ill with cancer in 2008, I was not sure as to how far it had progressed---A few days later, the word came that he passed away, and was devastated---Actually, it was a rather strange feeling, because a part of me understood that the lessons he gave me would last for the rest of my life, so I didn't feel like he was gone, at least in a metaphorical sense,but it was terribly saddening to never see him again in person---More than that, I came to realize how grateful I was to have had the honor, the privilege to have him take me on as a student---and am eternally grateful, even more so now---

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