The Fender Michael Landau 2x12 DeVille was inspired and co-designed by session guitarist Michael Landau; he has played and recorded with everyone from Joni Mitchell to Miles Davis. i remember seeing him play with Joni on the Refuge of the Roads tour. It was rack mount city with a 3 amp setup, wired by Bob Bradshaw. Quite a migration from then until now. Most guitarists have eschewed the rack mount idea in favor of one amp with a pedalboard.

For years, I played a Fender Deville; a really good amp that never broke down. However, I felt there were certain aspects that weren't necessary on it, and others that could be improved. Which is exactly what the Landau is. Instead of a clean and overdrive channel, there are 2 clean channels; one with a bright switch, the other with a 6 db boost. Also like its predecessor, it has reverb and a very transparent FX loop. What is different? The transformers are uprated, the speaker wire and jacks are much better quality, and the speakers are Celestion V70's, mounted diagonally.

The diagonal speaker mounting gives the amp an almost 'stereo-like' spread. Like the previous DeVilles, it takes pedals extremely well, and has a lot of clean headroom.

It is, in essence, an improved DeVille.

Thank you to Fender and Michael for such a great amp.

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