Joni, Miles and Picasso are my patron saints. The thread that runs from them into my musical, personal and spiritual life is truly intoxicating, like a fine cognac; layers of art and inspiration. Song to a Seagull, one of Joni's early recordings, weaves a story of late 60's Greenwich Village; innocent, authentic, and utterly compelling. Kind of Blue, THE modal masterpiece, hits me on any number of levels. It's pure jazz, it's chamber music, it's NYC cool, in the truest sense. Joni and Miles were for real, not a creation for the masses. The reason why this music isn't heard or expanded upon is the culture we now live in doesn't support it. It's a largely artificial and digital age. It's interesting to note that guitarists Robben Ford and Michael Landau,& saxophonist Wayne Shorter worked with both Miles and Joni. Joni is also a painter who was largely influenced by Picasso. And Miles' music is timeless, like Picasso's art. Over time, I've come to understand the influence they have left on me, when I was younger, and more so now, that I am older. One of my favorite recordings is Joni's MILES OF AISLES; recorded live in 1974 with Tom Scott and the LA Express with guitarist Robben Ford. This is a must listen for any guitarist in terms of how to play behind a singer. Seriously, I hear so many guitarists who do not know how to play underneath a singer, especially a female vocalist. Joni and Miles brought out the absolute best in any musician they worked with. They had the magic touch, the Midas touch, if you will. There is nothing left to say or improve on KIND OF BLUE, SKETCHES OF SPAIN, ESP, or anything else that Miles recorded. There is nothing left to improve on BLUE, COURT AND SPARK, THE HISSING OF SUMMER LAWNS, HEJIRA, or anything Joni did. There is nothing left to say about Picasso's GUERNICA. I remember a sunny March afternoon, walking in Paris to go to No5 Rue de Thorigny, to the Picasso Museum. And being left speechless, like a sword split me in half. I remember seeing the 'We Want Miles' tour and having that same speechlessness. Likewise with Joni's 'Refuge of the Roads' show. That there is nothing left to say is to say there is everything to learn; a timeless well to drink from.

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