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About a month past, I was invited by the CEO of John Page Classic Guitars , Howard Swimmer, to an event for the aforementioned. It was a live concert showcasing an artist playing John's guitars. A very nice affair and turnout, and I was able to speak to Howard;a subsequent meeting was scheduled the following week. We talked about all things guitar; the music business,one of our favorite guitarists named Emily Remler, etc. I had a chance at that time to play the AJ, the Ashburn SSS and SSH guitars. 

I immediately gravitated to the AJ, which in my opinion, is a complete re-design of the classic T style instrument. John has an uncanny ability to maintain what we guitarists like about a T style guitar, and at the same time, minimize or eliminate the anomalies. 

The guitar is invitingly comfortable and light. It has a belly cut and a forearm contour that allow it to almost disappear when playing. John designed the pickups, using a P90 in the neck and a single coil T Style in the bridge. The bridge pickup is reversed from the classic slant, to allow the treble strings to have more girth and at the same time, eliminate the ice-pick shrillness that happens in its classic position. The P90 is amazingly articulate, very clear and powerful. The bridge pickup is very focused and balanced. When both are on, it's single-cut heaven. Whether played clean or overdriven, the tonality is all the way there.

The workmanship is flawless. It's a completely professional quality guitar. The other features are a 12" radius, Gotoh vintage tuning gears, a rosewood fretboard with a very comfortable C neck shape, an alder body, and metal threaded screws that go into the neck from the body; this allows for an extremely even neck/body coupling that resonates in a way no other guitar does. The ashtray style bridge has brass compensated saddles that produce perfect intonation; they can be strung through the body or from the bridge itself.

In the near future, I'll be doing videos of these remarkable guitars. I'd like to personally thank Howard Swimmer for his vote of confidence, and I look forward to continuing with John Page.

i can't recommend these instruments enough.



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