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Strats/Teles & The 'Cumulative Effect'

From time to time, I do get asked "what makes a guitar play great?" I've had the opportunity to watch and learn from some really, really good luthiers/repairmen--I would answer that it is the 'cumulative effect'--And what I mean by that is taking into account every component of the instrument--In my experience, the first thing is a neck that is properly adjusted and frets that are properly leveled, dressed, and re-crowned--A guitar simply will not reach its' full potential without this critical step--Even a guitar that does not have all the other elements(quality of wood, pickups, hardware)will play significantly better with the proper fretwork and a neck that has little to no relief in it--Along with that, it's impossible to discount a nut that is free of pinching and cut close to the first fret-- As to neck and body wood, wood that is cured and dried out simply sounds better and will improve with age--And as much mythology has gone on about finishes, I prefer a nitrocellulose finish--It's light, it breathes, and develops a beautiful patina over time-- Tuners, bridges, saddles have to be functional first--They all affect the resonant properties of a guitar-- Being a Tele/Strat fanatic of sorts, I love single coil pickups--They can go from fundamental overtones to a thicker sound easier than the other way around-- On to the playability factor--As much as I hear from some players that a heavier gauge string and relief in the neck make for better 'tone', I find it to be objectively without merit(aside from the fact that some players simply like a heavier string)-- I have found that a neck with almost no relief(bow)in it is a better way to go, because the guitar is not fighting itself--When it's 'even', the string vibrates more effectively--I have used a .09-.42 gauge string set for over 25 years, and have never felt like 'tone' was lacking--In fact, I think that playing the guitar, of and in itself, is hard enough work; I'm not interested in making it more challenging, at least from that end--


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