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One of the first recordings my parents bought for me was THE GREATEST HITS OF WES MONTGOMERY--I think I was 8; this was a year before Wes passed away. I knew nothing about jazz music or jazz guitar, but I was drawn to Wes' sound. He was, arguably, the pre-eminent jazz guitarist of the day. What is still striking is his lyrical and melodic content. And the music was a perfect vehicle for his lyricism. Pop music with arrangements by Don Sebesky, and a rhythm section of Herbie Hancock, Grady Tate, and Ron Carter. This was my first exposure to 'jazz' guitar.

I listened to all kinds of music when I was growing up; Motown, the Rolling Stones, the pop music on the radio. I really did not listen to any jazz music until I went to college, instead, concentrating on classical guitar. I think it was my 3rd year of college when a roommate turned me on to SEVEN STEPS TO HEAVEN, by Miles Davis, which changed my life, forever. But once again, I was drawn to the lyrical content before really having any idea as to what or why they were playing what they were playing.

COURT AND SPARK, THE HISSING OF SUMMER LAWNS, HEJIRA by Joni Mitchell were important, and still are. In fact, anything that Joni Mitchell ever recorded is important to me.

Before I left home to move to Boston, Mass, in 1984, a musical colleague turned me on to IN PASSING, by Mick Goodrick. A classic ECM recording with Eddie Gomez, John Surman and Jack DeJohnette.

TAKE 10 by Paul Desmond with Jim Hall; SOLO CONCERT by Ralph Towner; OUT OF THE WOODS BY Oregon;STANDARDS VOL 1 & 2 by Keith Jarrett; ADAM'S APPLE by Wayne Shorter; LONG TO BE LOOSE by Wayne Krantz.

More to come in another post.


Joe Pass Solo Jazz Guitar DVD it's part of the Hot Licks Classics re-release series. Joe brkeas it down in a way that anyone from beginner to intermediate can quickly pick up and learn from, I've always had a great degree of difficulty being able to put the technical aspects of music theory into practical use however, Joe is able to put this across in a way that you can immediately pick up and run with, his presentation is engaging and never pretentious which is a real breath of fresh air. Concentrates a great deal on variations in order to give you a wider variety of choices to make within the context of a composition. Amazon has copies for sale.

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